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1. What is the main difference between analogue TV and digital TV?
Digital technology allows a signal to be compressed into a smaller bandwidth.
This allows more data to be sent in the same bandwidth thereby allowing for more channels to be broadcast.
For example, 8 new Digital TV channels can be provided in the same bandwidth as one analogue channel.

2. What do the terms Analogue and Digital mean?
An analogue signal can have any number of values. A digital signal can have only the values zero or one. A digital signal can be more easily corrected of errors caused by unwanted electronic noise than can an analogue signal. This is why an analogue TV picture like SABC becomes gradually more snowy as the signal weakens whereas a digital TV picture like DSTV remains perfect while the signal weakens until a level is reached where the error correction electronics can no longer function, at which point the picture freezes.

3. What is the difference between digital terrestrial television (DTT) and satellite television?
These are simply different ways of broadcasting a signal. Satellite television broadcasts from a satellite in space from which you receive via a satellite dish that is mounted to your house. Digital Terrestrial Television uses transmitters on the ground to broadcast the signal which you then receive using a TV aerial and set top box.

4. What is digital terrestrial television (DTT)?
Digital Terrestrial Television refers to the use of a network of TV transmission towers on earth as opposed to satellites in space to broadcast digital as opposed to analogue signals.
SABC, and M-Net are analogue signals broadcast terrestrially. DSTV and Top TV are digital signals broadcast from satellite.

5. When people talk about “ digital migration” or “digital switchover” – what do they mean?
This is the process of moving from an analogue to a digital TV broadcast.

6. Why do we need to change from analogue to digital TV?

In keeping with other countries and advancing technological developments worldwide, the government has decided to migrate from analogue TV to digital.
The benefits of digital TV broadcasting include:

  1. Excellent picture quality
  2. Clearer sound
  3. More channels
  4. A digital TV guide which can be easily updated for more accurate schedules.
  5. Interactive services like games or the Weather channel.
  6. Picture quality which does not deteriorate with a weaker TV aerial signal. Your TV picture will either be perfect or you will have no picture at all. No more snowy pictures.
  7. Allows transmission of high definition (HD 1080) TV pictures

7. What equipment do I need to watch DTT
When South Africa goes digital, everyone currently using a TV aerial will need a decoder (also called a set top box or STB) which will decode the digital signal. Without a STB (similar to M-Net decoder), your TV won’t be able to display the digital television picture.

8. Does that mean I need a new M-Net decoder?
Yes – your current M-Net decoder is an analogue decoder and will have to be replaced with a digital decoder.

9. What is an integrated digital television ?
In the next few years it may be possible to buy a TV with a decoder built into the TV. These are called integrated digital televisions because the decoder is integrated. These are not yet available in South Africa.

10. Will I need a new TV aerial?
Probably not. Some viewers may need new TV aerials and in some instances TV aerials may only need to be adjusted. Whether or not you need a new TV aerial or an adjustment to your existing TV aerial will depend how good the DTT signal is in your area.

11. Will I need three STB's: One for SABC, one for and one for M-Net ?
No, only one - Your STB will be able to receive digital channels from all licensed South African broadcasters. Even if you unsubscribe from M-Net, your STB will still receive digital channels from SABC and

12. When is digital TV starting?
Field trials for DTT started in November 2008. The SABC and tested free-to-air digital transmissions while M-Net tested PayTV digital transmissions on a selected group of viewers. Further tests will now take place in the new DVB-T2 format. Watch the media for announcements on when digital TV starts for the general public.

13. Why is digital switchover taking so long?
Government announced in 2008 that we would be using the DVB-T format for our digital terrestrial television. In 2010 government called for a review to consider the ISDB-T format. This, despite two previous reviews in a consultation process that began in 2000 and investment of R250 million by independant broadcasters in the DVB-T system. Finally (we hope) in January 2011 the minister of communications announced the decision to use the DVB-T2 format.

14. When will the set tob box be available for purchase?
Set top boxes for the DVB-T2 format of DTT are already available in England. They will be on sale in South Africa as soon as DTT is broadcast to the general public. Watch the media for an official announcement.

15. When will it affect me?
December 2013 was the date set by government to discontinue analogue broadcasts, but arguments about using a set top box which can cut off a user's signal if he doesn't pay his Tv license have delayed this. The International Telecommunication Union (I.T.U.) have set June 2015 as the date beyond which analogue TV broadcasts will not be protected from interference. Whether our government has the ability to meet this deadline remains to be seen.

16. If I’m a DSTV or TopTV subscriber, what do I need to do?
Nothing.The changeover to DTT only affects broadcasts received on a TV aerial. DSTV and TopTV received on a satellite dish are already in digital format.

17. Will I be able to watch DTT if I only have a satellite dish?
No, will you will need to have a TV aerial installed and a STB connected to your DSTV system if you also want to watch DTT programs.

18. If I have three TV sets in the house, will I need three STB's?
Only if you want each TV set to show different channels at the same time, otherwise one STB will be able to display the same program on multiple TV's provided your TV aerial wiring is correct.

19. Do I need a high definition TV for this switchover to DTT?
HD television is not required to watch digital broadcasts, but if the programme content was recorded in High Definition the user of HD Television will see improved clarity and detail which was never possible on analogue broadcasts.


This phenomenon is known as "Rain fade" can occur due to weather at reception of signal or at the source causing rain fade. You should not experience any problems with your signal if the sky is overcast of if there is drizzle or normal rainfall. If you are having problems under these circumstances, then your dish is not optimally installed or properly fine-tuned, and you should contact an installer to rectify the problem. It should be noted that recommended dish size is 90 cm on Ku-Band. Signal interruptions may occur during heavy downpours - this is unfortunately a feature on all satellite systems worldwide.

Rain fade affects customers in 2 key ways. Firstly, satellite signals become weaker as they pass through raindrops. This is a law of physics, that is, regrettably, beyond our control - and which no satellite company in the world has been able to get around. Secondly, the location of the storm is important. Even though the storm may not be in your area, storms in other locations (basically, any place where our signals originate and transmit to and from) can still affect your signal. Investing in a larger dish may also help prevent some signal loss.



Decoder Serial Number

The Decoder Serial Number is located on a sticker on the back of your decoder. Smartcard Number The Smartcard Number can be found on the reverse side of your smartcard, under the barcode.


XtraView is a cost effective and flexible solution allowing you to link two XtraView capable DStv decoders at a cost of a single subscription, plus an access fee of R70 per month.

XtraView allows you to increase the number of TV channels which can be viewed simultaneously in your home without having to pay an additional subscription.


For your convenience, there are many payment options available:

• Debit Order

• Internet Payment

• Credit Card


• Direct Deposit

• Supermarkets

Payment references must be unique, and you can use your DStv customer number as a reference. If your broadcast services are suspended and you make an internet bank transfer or ATM payment via ABSA, FNB and Standard Bank or direct deposit at any ABSA branch, your services will be reconnected automatically within 15 minutes or as soon as your payment reflects.


If you have paid by direct bank deposit to ABSA, or at any Pick 'n Pay, PEP or Spar outlet, or via EFT with ABSA, FNB, Nedbank or Standard Bank, your services will be automatically reconnected within 30 minutes, provided the full amount incl. reconnection fees has been paid. If your services are still not reconnected, please contact the DStv Call Centre.


Please contact Technoking DSTV Installations and Repairs using the details on our contacts page.


Johannesburg (011) 289-2222
(031) 710-2222

Call Centre hours: 07:00 - 23:00 (Monday - Sunday, incl Public Holidays)
MultiChoice general fax: (011) 577-4901
MultiChoice E-mail:
Cape Town (021) 508-2222
Bloemfontein (051) 503-2222


MultiChoice does not provide a customer channel selection for DStv packages, as such service will be more expensive to our customers and is not a viable business model. There is not a single pay television operator in the world which allows its customers to choose individual channels. Some customers imagine that being able to choose their own channels and make up their own package, would result in them paying less. So for argument's sake, if they pay R100 per month for 100 channels now, that this means they would pay R1 per month for one channel. This is not the case - switching customers from 100 channels to 1 or even a few hand-picked channels does not reduce our cost; in fact our administration costs will increase as we will have to cater different individual choices, including the costs we have to pay to each channel. This means that the cost per channel will go up significantly and customers will end up paying even more than what they are currently paying. The pre-packaged service MultiChoice currently provides to its customers through the different DStv packages, allows us to provide an affordable service well into the future as we are able to spread the cost of each channel across the different packages.Bundling channels together into packages is similar to putting together a newspaper. You are not being forced to pay for the sports section that you do not read, you are paying for the portions of the paper that you are interested in reading and the rest of the paper is a freebie that doesn't cost you extra. Putting channels together in packages is similar to that - you are paying for the channels you are interested in watching.


Yes! To activate your Smart Card (the Smart Card is included in the decoder box), which is the only way you will be able to view the DStv channels, you will have to pay Multichoice the monthly subscription fees which you will pay directly to Multichoice.


*SMS your smartcard number or id number to 31401 @ a cost of R1 per SMS.
*Check your account balance by logging into My Account. On the DSTV Website
*Call Multichoice/Dstv, provide your smartcard or id number, and their voice recognition system or any of their agents will be able to provide you with your account balance.

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If you are looking for a DSTV installer in Olivedale we can assist with the following services:

When you have just bought the latest package on the market, the last thing you need is a sideline company taking advantage of you by over charging you for your installation. Here,, at DSTV installer Olivedale, our prices are really competitive, so you can be sure to receive the best and reasonable price. And you will be sure to set your mind at ease.

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Our DStv Fourways store is the right place for you to pop in.

The recommendation for most XtraView installations is a DStv Smart LNB. Some XtraView installations may require a quad LNB together with a DStv Switch.

The recommended installation for the DStv Explora (when installed on its own) is a DStv Smart LNB.

The DStv Explora can also be connected to a twin or quad LNB (in combination with a DStv Switch) or a UniCable™ LNB - however, please note, if the DStv Explora is installed with any other type of LNB other than the DStv Smart LNB, the installation may require changes to receive future services.

If you have a single LNB, you will have to upgrade your installation as the DStv Explora will not work, even if you split the feed.

The DStv Smart LNB is a new LNB specially designed and manufactured for DStv to meet the growing needs of our non-commercial installations.

MultiChoice recommends the DStv Smart LNB for all DStv Explora and most XtraView installations (when installed in a Single Unit Dwelling, i.e. not a complex or apartment). It is not suitable for Multiple Unit Dwellings (like complexes and apartments).

From a technical viewpoint, the DStv Smart LNB combines the features of a DStv Switch into a single UniCable LNB and offers a single cable solution for distribution of multiple satellite signals.

It has 24 user bands, 4 UniCable outputs and 2 universal outputs.

What are some of the benefits when using the DStv Smart LNB?

The DStv Smart LNB has been specially designed for use in DStv installations (Single Unit Installations) and has been tested with our decoders.
MultiChoice are launching a new satellite in 2017 which will allow for high band transmissions. This DStv Smart LNB is high band capable, ensuring that your installation is capable of receiving these signals.*

It allows for a simplified and more cost effective installation.
Multiple decoders can be connected to the DStv Switch without the need for a multiswitch / DStv Switch (resulting in a cost saving).
The cable goes directly from the LNB to the decoder. This allows for:
A shorter cable run;

Decoders to be in different rooms (currently, many are together in the same room as the switch). This allows for more flexible installation solutions (including easier connection between HD decoders and HD TVs via HDMI cables).
If you use the DStv Smart LNB when installing one decoder, there is no need to change your LNB when upgrading to XtraView.

* Older decoder models (Dual View Decoder and the SD PVR) are not capable of receiving high band transmissions, even if installed with a DStv Smart LNB.

How much does the DStv Smart LNB cost and where can I get one?

The recommended retail price of the DStv Smart LNB is R449.

It is available via Accredited Installers, MultiChoice Service Centres and Agencies.

Which decoders are compatible with the DStv Smart LNB?

All decoders can be installed with a DStv Smart LNB, however some XtraView combos may require use of multiswitches with a Quad LNB.

Do unused ports on the DStv Smart LNB have to be terminated?

Only the unused UniCable ports need to be terminated (this is to prevent signal degradation). Termination must be done using the supplied 75 ohm terminator. Three of these terminators (“caps”) are packaged with the DStv Smart LNB.

There is no need to terminate the Universal ports.

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Easy to use

There's one central menu (DStv Central)
The remote control has buttons that take you directly to your Playlist, DStv Catch Up, BoxOffice, the TV Guide and Search
Posters are used to display content in DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice
Other great features

Check out the latest weather and news, or keep updated on the latest sporting action with SuperSport Active
Set up your Favourite Channels
Control the viewing in your home with Parental Control
Surround sound through Dolby Digital
Widescreen capable (plus easy switching of Aspect Ratio)
Hearing Impaired Subtitles (when available)
HD menu
BoxOffice available to Premium, Extra and Compact customers. DStv Catch Up exclusive to DStv Premium. Monthly access fee required when using PVR / XtraView functionality. SA only. Terms and Conditions apply.
*Recommended retail price

**Please note: Data charges apply when the DStv Explora is connected to the internet and we recommend an uncapped ADSL account, with a minimum 2Mbps download speed. Downloading video consumes large amounts of data so please be aware of your data package limits and costs. DStv will not be held responsible for data usage.